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The Dr Cotton was born from my own decade long struggles with acne. Having consulted with numerous dermatologists, I came across the simplest piece of advice — never reuse your towels or facial washers as the material had trapped bacteria, making your skin conditions worse. This was the only technique combined with other lifestyle changes that actually yielded positive results for my skin, but the reality of having to maintain a clean supply of towels soon set in and more practical, single use options were limited. Regular tissues disintegrated when wet. Paper towel was too harsh and nothing was sustainably made or biodegradable. So, I compiled my research and personal experience and began developing an all-natural, dry wipe. One that could be used wet or dry, one that wouldn’t fall apart or leave fluff on your skin and wouldn’t cause further irritation. I chose cotton for its natural qualities. It’s free from harmful dyes, fragrances, toxins or other nasties, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types and biodegrades within 6 months making it a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice.